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Robert M. Citino: Review of Mark E. Neely, The Civil War and the Limits of Destruction (Cambridge, MA: Harvard U Pr, 2007), H-Net Reviews (Aug 2009) <link>.

Cecil D. Eby, Comrades and Commissars: The Lincoln Battalion in the Spanish Civil War (University Park, PA: Penn State U Pr, 2007)—publisher's notice with chapter 1 <link>; review by Scott E. Belliveau, Journal of Military History 72.3 (2008) 971-2 <link>.

Denver Brunsman, "The Knowles Atlantic Impressment Riots of the 1740s," Early American Studies 5.2 (2007) 324-366 <link>.

Robert M. Citino, "Military Histories Old and New: A Reintroduction," American Historical Review 112.4 (2007) <link>.

Robert M. Citino, Blitzkrieg to Desert Storm: The Evolution of Operational Warfare (Lawrence: U Pr of Kansas, 2004), review by William Shane Story, H-Net Reviews (Dec 2006) <link>.

Brad Kasal, My Men Are My Heroes: The Brad Kasal Story [as told to Nathaniel R. Helms] (Des Moines, IA: Meredith Books, 2007), review by Harold C. Hutchison, Strategy Page (7 Feb 2007) <link>.

Dennis J. Ringle, Life in Mr. Lincoln's Navy (Annapolis, MD: Naval Inst Pr, 1998)—featured book at the Navy Reading website, with an audio excerpt <link>.

David Fitzpatrick: Review of Ethan S. Rafuse, McClellan’s War: The Failure of Moderation in the Struggle for the Union (Bloomington: Indiana U Pr, 2005), Journal of Military History 71 (2007) 225-227 <link>.

George Cassar: Review of Ian F. W. Beckett & Steven J. Corvi, edd., Haig’s Generals (Barnsley, UK: Pen & Sword Military, 2006), Journal of Military History 71 (2007) 244-245 <link>.

Robert M. Citino, The German Way of War: From the Thirty Years' War to the Third Reich (Lawrence: U Pr of Kansas, 2005), reviewed by Adam R. Seipp, Journal of Military History 71 (2007) 253-254 <link>.

James P. Holoka: Review of Cathy Gere, The Tomb of Agamemnon (Cambridge, MA: Harvard U Pr, 2006), Bryn Mawr Classical Review 2006.12.22 <link>.

James P. Holoka: Review of Robert Bittlestone, Odysseus Unbound: The Search for Homer's Ithaca (Cambridge: Cambridge U Pr, 2005), New England Classical Journal 33.4 (Nov 2006) 301-304 <link>. See also, for recent developments, Thomas H. Maugh, "A Scientific Discovery on the Trail of Homer," LA Times (10 Jan 2007) <link>.

Kevin Horrigan, "Body Armor (The Rocket from Nat Helms' Basement)," St. Louis Post-Dispatch (15 Jan 2006) B3 <link>.

Denver Brunsman: Review of Jeremy Black, The British Seaborne Empire (New Haven: Yale U Pr, 2004), H-Net Reviews (Jun 2005) <link>.

Robert Citino: Review of Krisztián Ungváry, The Siege of Budapest: 100 Days in World War II (New Haven: Yale U Pr, 2005), World War II (Mar 2006) <link>.

Robert Citino, "Best Books of 2005," World War II (Dec 2005) <link>.

Robert Citino: Review of Christopher Bayly and Tim Harper, Forgotten Armies: The Fall of British Asia, 1941-1945 (Cambridge: HUP, 2005), World War II (Jan 2006) <link>.

James P. Holoka: Review of Perez Zagorin, Thucydides: An Introduction for the Common Reader (Princeton, NJ: Princeton U Pr, 2005), Bryn Mawr Classical Review 2006.02.53 <link>.

Robert Citino: Review of Danny S. Parker, Battle of the Bulge: Hitler’s Ardennes Offensive, 1944-1945 (Cambridge, MA: Da Capo, 2005), World War II (Nov 2005) <link>.

David Fitzpatrick: Review of Andrew J. Bacevich, The New American Militarism: How Americans Are Seduced by War (NY: Oxford U Pr, 2005), Journal of Military History 70 (2006) 285-87 <link>.

Jake Hamric: Review of Michael Nolan, The Inverted Mirror: Mythologizing the Enemy in France and Germany, 1898-1914 (New York: Berghahn Books, 2005), H-Net Reviews (Oct 2005) <link>.

David Fitzpatrick: Review of Robert M.S. McDonald, ed., Thomas Jefferson’s Military Academy:  Founding West Point (Charlottesville: U Virginia Pr, 2004), Journal of the Early Republic 26 (2006) 133-36 <link>.

John Shy: Review of Michael McConnell, Army and Empire: British Soldiers on the American Frontier, 1758-1775 (Lincoln: U Nebraska Pr, 2004), Journal of Military History 69 (2005) 833-834 <link>.

Robert Citino: Review of Dennis Showalter, Patton and Rommel: Men of War in the Twentieth Century (NY: Berkley Caliber, 2005), World War II (Aug 2005) <link>.

Tom Collier, "Vietnam-Speak in Iraq," Informed Comment (4 Aug 2005) <link>.

James P. Holoka: Review of Joachim Latacz, Troy and Homer: Towards a Solution of an Old Mystery (Oxford: OUP, 2004), New England Classical Journal 32 (2005) 349-51 <link>.

David Fitzpatrick: Review of R.H. Beatie, Army of the Potomac, vol. 2: McClellan Takes Command, September 1861-February 1862 (Cambridge, MA: Da Capo Pr, 2004), Journal of Military History 69 (2005) 841-42 <link>.

Robert Citino: Review of Max Hastings, Armageddon: The Battle for Germany, 1944-1945 (NY: Knopf, 2004), World War II (Jun 2005) <link>.

John Shy: Review of John Buchanan, The Road to Valley Forge: How Washington Built the Army That Won the Revolution (Hoboken, NJ: Wiley, 2004), Journal of Military History 69 (2005) 549-51 <link>.

Robert Citino: Review of Robert Pois and Philip Langer, Command Failure in War: Psychology and Leadership (Bloomington: Indiana U Pr, 2004), World War II (Apr 2005) <link>.

Dennis J. Ringle: Review of James D. Hornfischer, The Last Stand of the Tin Can Sailors: The Extraordinary World War II Story of the U.S. Navy’s Finest Hour (NY: Bantam, 2004), World War II (Apr 2005) <link>.

David Fitzpatrick: Review of Larry I. Bland and Sharon Ritenour Stevens, eds., The Papers of George Catlett Marshall, Vol. 5: “The Finest Soldier,” January 1, 1945–January 7, 1947 (Baltimore: Johns Hopkins U Pr, 2003), World War II (Apr 2005) <link>.

Robert Citino: Review of John Nelson Rickard, Patton at Bay: The Lorraine Campaign, 1944 (Washington: Brassey’s, 2004), World War II (Mar 2005) <link>.

Robert Citino: Review of Michael Dobbs, Saboteurs: The Nazi Raid on America (NY: Knopf, 2004), World War II (Jan/Feb 2005) <link>.

Robert Citino, "Rounding Up the Best Books of a Banner Year: 2004," World War II (Dec 2004) <link>.

Jonathan Marwil: Review of John Lynn, Battle: A History of Combat and Culture (Boulder, CO: Westview Pr, 2003), World War II (Nov 2004) <link>.

Robert Citino: Review of Joseph Balkoski, Omaha Beach: D-Day, June 6, 1944 (Mechanicburg, PA: Stackpole, 2004), World War II (Nov 2004) <link>.

David Fitzpatrick: Review of Perry D. Jamieson, Winfield Scott Hancock: Gettyburg Hero (Abilene, TX: McWhiney Foundation Pr, 2003) & Ethan S. Rafuse, George Gordon Meade and the War in the East (Abilene, TX: McWhiney Foundation Pr, 2003), Journal of Military History 68 (2004) 1264-66 <link>.

James P. Holoka: Review of Eckhard Deschler-Erb, Ad Arma! Römisches Militär des 1. Jahrhunderts n.Chr. in Augusta Raurica. Forschungen in Augst, Band 28 (Augst:  Römermuseum Augst, 1999), Bryn Mawr Classical Review 2002.01.15 <link>.

Jonathan Marwil: Review of Samuel Hynes, The Soldiers' Tale (NY: Penguin, 1997), Michigan Quarterly Review 37.1 (Win 1998) 155 <link>.

James P. Holoka: Review of Alex R. Furger and Paula Zsidi (edd.), Out of Rome, Augusta Raurica / Aquincum: Das Leben in zwei römischen Provinzstädten (Basel: Schwabe, 1997), Bryn Mawr Classical Review 98.6.13 <link>.

James P. Holoka, "Marathon and the Myth of the Same-Day March," Greek, Roman, and Byzantine Studies 38 (1997[2000]) 329-53 <link>.

Jonathan Marwil, "Paul Fussell's Wars" [review of Paul Fussell, Wartime (NY: OUP, 1989)], Michigan Quarterly Review 29 (1990) 431-52 <link>.